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Welcome to Our Site for a Unique Method and Approach  for Wound Healing...Wearable Oxygen Therapy!

Ogenix.Inc. has partnered with eKare inSighttm   to provide real-time Digital Wound measurements and tracking. The digital platform measures and tracks wound healing progression with depth and area measurements.  The App saves nursing time, provides consistency, and has downloadable record keeping of wounds, and allows healing progress notes.


Enhance your practice or facilities' wound care capabilities and quality metrics by combining the proven effectiveness of EPIFLO's topical oxygen with the Advanced Wound Imaging and Measurement capabilities of eKare.


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About Us

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OGENIX PRODUCES EPIFLO, an oxygen concentrator for use on chronic wounds.  Check us out on

Dr. Paxton serves as a consultant to aid in placement of these FDA cleared devices.

These devices can also be used on dogs and horses.

Rapid healing in a cost effective manner!


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